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The purpose of this wiki is to share resources for the upcoming digital media conference at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Information about the conference and registration can be found on the conference website at http://www.milwaukeedmc.com/ .

We will upload announcements and important information about the conference to this wiki.

Arriving at the Zoo

The conference is from 9am to 4pm each day. The zoo will be open to us each day at 8:30am. You do not need to pay for parking or admission to the zoo. Please tell the parking attendant that you are coming for the Milwaukee Digital Media Conference.

We will be meeting in the Peck Center which is located near the entrance just behind the Penguin Exhibit.

Zoo Map

Lunch Options at the Zoo

Note: If you can bring a power-strip to the conference that would help us out :).

Broadband Card

During the conference, we'll access the Internet via USB Mobile Broadband (not WiFi). The technology works on a PC or a Mac and uses the same network as mobile phones. This is exciting and will allow us to have Internet access throughout the Zoo and to be truely mobile. You will be receiving a card for the week that plugs into a USB port. You can download the software that you will need for the card ahead of time:

For Mac
Mac Wireless Card Download and Install Video (~4 min)
This video shows us installing the wireless card on a Mac.

For Windows XP

For Vista
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logo.jpg The Milwaukee Digital Media Conference is put on by The Stephens Group, a technology integration consulting firm that specializes in data driven instruction, one-to-one computing, professional development, and strategic planning for K-12 schools.


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